Audihad set out its plan to fill yet another SUV niche when it

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wholesale nfl jerseys We also tried the charming 2.0 litre petrol model, which offers something a little bit different and much more in keeping with the Alfa badge.In addition there is theQuadrifogliovariant, which has firebreathing performance, a characterful twin turbo petrol V6 and, crucially, a brilliant chassi to match. It’s a proper BMW M3 rival, as we were delighted to find out on our early first drive of the car in Italy.Audihad set out its plan to fill yet another SUV niche when it revealed itsQ2at the start of the year. And back in June we got to drive it for the first time in the exotic location of Cuba.Although we knew that Audi didn’t have to put in too much effort to produce a hit small SUV, we were still surprised by how well the Q2 matched its distinctive styling to really charm from behind the wheel. wholesale nfl jerseys

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